PA Preferred Dairy

What is PA Preferred?

You may have seen the logo around, but do you know what PA Preferred means?

In 2004 the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture created a public-private partnership with companies from all over the keystone state. They began a state supported advertising program focused on supporting Pennsylvania agriculture. They began working closely with PA companies in order to help promote and support their products.

PA Preferred products come with a certification that they have been grown, harvested and in some cases processed right here in Pennsylvania.

With a rich history in agriculture, the keystone state continues to value these traditions.

"93% percent of Pennsylvanians want to buy and consume local products."

PA Preferred certifications and labeling make it easy to identify these products.

Purchasing products made in Pennsylvania does not just give residents the satisfaction of supporting their friends and neighbors; it also helps our state economy. Keep the farmers growing and the tax revenue flowing throughout Pennsylvania by supporting PA Preferred Products.